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Finite Element Analysis of Plastic and Rubber Components

Finite element analysis (FEA) is a computational technique for used to model the physical response of a structure to stress, deformation or temperature.

At ipolytech advanced FEA techniques are used in support of both product development and failure analysis projects. Working with the Abaqus finite element software complex models can be generated to account for material non linearity, heat flow, stress relaxation and permanent set and advanced contact simulations of models involving complex assemblies of interacting parts.

FEA analysis pressure vessel
finitie element snap fit

Finite element analysis is applied to both design development projects, allowing rapid evaluation of design concepts early in the design process, and failure analysis work assessing the stresses imposed on a structure under service conditions.

Backed by ipolytech's mechanical testing capabilities all materials data required for the analysis can be generated in house.

Supported by our knowledge of the long term performance of plastic and rubber materials expert interpretation of the output from the FEA model can be made to provide predictions of long term component life under simulated service conditions.


  FEA contact analysis