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Long Term/Polymer Durability Testing

Polymer materials are viscoelastic in nature.  Their properties are highly time, temperature and stress dependant.  The significance of this is often overlooked at the design stage. 

As a simple demonstration of the significance of this, the long term fatigue strength of polycarbonate is only 14% of the short term tensile strength quoted on manufacturers data sheets.

For any engineering component subjected either long term static or dynamic loads or elevated temperatures a thorough understanding of the long term properties of the material is central to guaranteeing the durability of the final product.

ipolytech can provide the necessary design data to allow realistic design of structural polymer components through:

  • fatigue testing
  • tensile creep
  • compressive creep
  • torsional creep
  • hydrostatic creep
  • thermally accelerated ageing & testing
  • oven ageing

Please contact us to discuss your specific long term test requirements.

Design data obtained from test pieces provides vital information during the design phase.  However, such tests are based on ideal test pieces.  The long term durability of a component will can also be compromised by polymer flow and specific moulding conditions.

Therefore, the final stage of design for long term durability must be to run accelerated tests on pre production components.  IPT have the experience to define and run such test programmes to confirm the long term durability of your designs.

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