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Services to the Polymer Industry

Design Development

Independent Polymer Technology can work in conjunction with your design team to accelerate the design process and ensure products are designed for long term durability. Ipolytech can provide expert assistance with selection of the correct materials for an application, grade specification, mechanical design assessments, flow analysis and manufacture and testing of prototype components ..........more information.


Failure analysis

Whether you have an in service product failure or a processing fault, the down time, recall cost and loss of customer good will invariably make the cost of failure significantly more than the cost of the components involved. ipolytech have extensive experience in determining the cause of produce failure and can rapidly recommend corrective action to put you back on track.....find out more

Mechanical Testing

Independent Polymer Technology have a diverse range of mechanical test capabilities to assess both short term and long term material and component performance. We have significant expertise in assessment of environmental stress cracking resistance, and long term fatigue and creep resistance ..........check our full capabilities.

Chemical Analysis

Our analysis laboratory have a comprehensive range of analytical methods available to identify polymer types, determine filler and additive contents and identify contaminants present within polymers or on polymer surfaces. Whether you require work as an ongoing QC measure or as part of failure analysis.......find out more.



For engineers, technicians and management looking for a solid background in polymer technology we offer two standard training courses Introduction to Polymer Technology and Polymer Basics. We can also offer a range of on or off site courses tailored to your specific requirements for full course details and dates

Expert Witness Services

Based on our knowledge of the polymer industry and expertise in failure analysis we are able to provide Expert Witness services to the legal and insurance industries. With solid engineering and chemical backgrounds our experts are able to provide clear, concise expert reports with court room experience to support all requirements from the legal profession.......for more information.



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