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Polymer Basics

This one day training course intended for non technical staff such as purchasers, marketing teams, business advisors and managers. The course provides a key background information into what polymer are, the various polymer types, their properties and materials are processed.

The course provides a key overview of polymer technology bridging the gap between technical and non technical functions. The day is split into four main modules:

Module 1. Polymers

Understanding what polymers are and what defines the major polymer groups (thermosets, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers, amorphous thermoplastic and semi-crystalline thermoplastics) and the major properties of these groups.

Module 2. Properties

Understanding the short term properties of polymers (stiffness, toughness, strength, HDT) and the effects of time and temperature on performance.

Module 3. Common polymer materials

A review of the main commercial polymers, their typical applications and key properties

Module 4. Polymer Processing

How components are manufactured , the main production techniques and relative production economics.

Course fees - £350 + VAT inclusive of full course notes, refreshments and buffet lunch.

Course dates - The course is held in Telford and is scheduled for: 17th Feb 2016, 18th May 2016, 17th August 2016 and 16th November 2016

Registration - Please follow this link to view or payment options and on line registration form

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