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Standard (short term) Mechanical Testing of Polymers

At ipolytech we are able to provide a wide range of mechanical/physical tests.  The list below provides an indication of our standard test capabilities for plastic and rubber materials. For creep, fatigue and ageing please see our long term testing section.

If you would like to discuss a specific test programme please contact us.

Mechanical Tests
  • density

  • tensile strength and modulus (stadanrd and high speed tensile testing)

  • flexural strength and modulus

  • compressive strength

  • hydrostatic compression to 700bar

  • torsional modulus

  • Izod or Charpy impact

  • tensile impact

  • falling weight impact

Thermal Analysis/Characterisation

  • heat distortion temperature (HDT)

  • Vicat softening point

  • crystalline melting point/Tg

  • melt flow index (MFI/MVR)

  • thermal expansion coefficient

  • heat reversion


  • colour measurements (CIE LAB)

  • surface gloss

  • opacity


  • volume/surface receptivity

  • tracking index

  • dielectric strength


  • Moisture vapour transmission rate determination (MVTR)

Fire Resistance

  • UL 94 rating

  • limiting oxygen index

  • spread of flame

See Also our long term testing and analysis capabilities

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