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Understanding Polymer Additives

This two-day training course provides a broad overview covering technical, health and environmental aspects of additive usage in polymers.  It is intended to provide chemical suppliers, plastic and rubber end users and authorities and agencies an appreciation of the role of additives in polymeric materials and an understanding of wider (environmental) issues.

- Why are additives required?

- What chemicals are used – and where?

- What threats do they pose?

- How are they incorporated?

- How might they be lost?

Each day comprises four main topic sessions as follows:

  1. Performance and enhancement through additive incorporation – why and where additives are used?
  2. Additive types – chemical nature and activity, hazard and exposure risks?
  3. Incorporation technology – distributive and dispersive mixing and the means for achieving these?
  4. Loss mechanisms – by volatilisation or leaching and the possible effects on health and the environment?

Each session will conclude with a discussion forum to provide scope for clarification of any material presented or to raise specific issuers or concerns.

Coverage includes the major groups of functional additives:

Day 1  Plastics Additives
Antioxidants, blowing agents, colourants, coupling agents, flame retardants, heat stabilisers, impact modifiers, lubricants, plasticisers, preservatives, uv stabilisers, etc.

Day 2  Rubber Additives
Accelerators, activators, antioxidants, antiozonants, blowing agents, bonding agents, fillers, plasticisers, process oils, retarders and vulcanising agents, etc.

Course Costs: Single day £250 + VAT
  Two days £480 + VAT
Dates: 23rd/24th January 2007

Please Contact us for registration details.

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