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Design development of polymer products

A thorough understanding of the properties, processing and long term mechanical performance of plastic materials is fundamental in the ensuring the long term durability of a polymer component.

ipolytech have the experience you require to provide detailed materials input to your development team.

Working with your design engineers ipolytech can offer their polymer expertise in a range of activities throughout the design process:

feasibility study

At the early stages of the design process we can conduct feasibility studies to assess the potential for the use of polymer materials within your design by considering factors such as cost, manufacturing routes and component durability .

materials selection

Identification of the correct material for an application is fundamental to the success of a product development. With well over 10,000 polymer grades on the market this is no easy task. ipolytech have experience with working with all polymer materials and came make impartial recommendations for the correct material from any given application.

mechanical design assessment

Polymer materials are viscoelastic in nature, their properties can also be highly dependant upon processing conditions and polymer flow. By application of thorough knowledge of the long term properties of individual polymer materials ipolytech can assess component designs to ensure reliable long term durability. Aided by mechanical testing to generate suitable design data an through the application Finite Element Analysis (FEA) and flow modeling ipolytech can ensure correct mechanical performance of your component designs.

Follow this link to find out more about our finite element capabilities.


Whether produced through rapid prototyping, soft tooling or machined priduyction routes ipolytech can assist with prototype production to produce compoentns for either mechanical, viual or assembly assessment.

component testing and evaluation

Having produced protpye compoennts or first off parts ipolytech can develop and conduct suitable accelerated test programmes to provide confidence in the mechanical performance of polymer component parts for long term durable service. Working to standard test procedures or custom designed programmes vital performance data can be generated within appropriate costs and timescales.

After an initial discussion to define your requirements we will be happy to provide proposals for either complete or phased programmes of work. Please contact us to discuss any specific development projects.