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Polymer Technology Training Courses

Independent Polymer Technology offer polymer technology training courses for both technical and non technical staff. In addition to these "standard courses" we are also able to offer courses presented at your site which are tailored to your specific training needs.

Introduction to Polymer Technology is a two day course training course to provide technical staff with an understanding of polymers materials, their processing and long term properties. Delegates attending the course will gain a full understanding of polymer material selection, moulding and design features essential to ensuring the long term durability of engineering components.

It is intended for staff with a general engineering background looking for specific information regarding the properties, performance and application of plastics to engineering applications.

Failure Reliability and Durability of Polymers is a three day course, deliverered in partnership with MIRCE, designed for practicing engineers, analysts and managers. It will provide a general understanding of polymers as physical materials, their properties and failure mechanisms, reliability analysis method and methods that should be used in design and production processes to assure desirable durability characteristics.

Polymer Basics is a one day training course aimed at non technical staff. The course provides an understanding of plastic materials, properties and processing to enable staff to gain a better understanding of key issues within the polymer industry and communicate more efficiently with their more technically focused colleagues.

Understanding Additives. This two-day training course covers technical, health and environmental aspects of additive used in polymer compounds. It provides chemical suppliers, plastic and rubber end users and authorities and agencies an appreciation of the role of additives in polymeric materials and an understanding of wider (environmental) issues.

Tailored Courses can also be provided covering aspects of material properties, materials selection, polymeric component design, polymer failures, processing and analysis and testing.  Please e-mail us to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Online Webcast Training is an option for any overseas clients or customers requiring polymer training for a number of engineers from diverse geographic locations. Live webcast sessions allow for online training with real time trainer interaction. Please contact us if you require any of our standard polymer technology training courses or a tailored courses delivered as an online webcast.


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